"Fine sculpture for every environment"

From greenmen to gargoyles to angels, Stonecraft Arts has a fine selection of mystical and ethereal artwork suitable for your home or garden.  All of our pieces are hand-crafted original designs, not replicas.  They are cast out of a light weight architectural concrete that is 20% lighter than regular concrete, is stronger and more chip resistant, and contains special freeze retardants to help keep pieces from cracking in colder climates.  All colors are achieved using integrated concrete dyes, so the colors are completely weather proof.

Greenmen & Greenwomen

Elementals & Angels

Gods & Goddesses

Gargoyles & Grotesques


Miscellaneous Pieces

Fairies & Gnomes

Small Pieces

Limited Editions


Freaky Frogs

Moons and Suns

Bronze Fairies



Daggers and Athames


Candora Castles

Just email us with "put me on your mailing list" in the subject header and we will send you info. about our upcoming shows and projects.

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Note: Outside of the continental US, international shipping prices will apply.  Please contact us for more information.