Photo Contest


"Oye Oye!  The long awaited Stonecraft Arts photo contest has officially begun!  We will be accepting photos from now until December 31st.  Grand prize will be a large limited edition piece of the winner's choosing.  Second place winner will receive a medium sized greenman or gargoyle wall hanging.  Third place will be an adorable little oakseed greenman.  Please submit no more than 5 photos to our email at yahoo.


Photos must be of Stonecraft Arts designs, and only Stonecraft Arts designs (we will use some of the photos for marketing purposes, so please do not send photos with other artists work in them).  Photos must be in .jpg, .bmp or .pdf format, and photos must be any larger than 800 x 600  (or no more than 2.5 mb) otherwise they will be too big to send via Yahoo.  We will post some over the next few months here or on our Facebook page to get feedback, and will announce the winners in January or February of next year.  So get out there and start gardening!"


Gaia and Bacchus from the garden of our staff members. 

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